Tech Info & FAQs

Here are some FAQs to get you started…

Are there limits as to what can be engraved on the panels?

If you can draw it, we can likely plot it and make a CNC program to drive the engraving equipment. That said, there are obviously limits as to how fine the cuts can be. For all practical purposes, 1/16th inch is as fine as the tooling can go.

What’s the best way to maintain the panels?

All panels are anodized (even the polished versions) so we recommend keeping them looking their best through use of detailing spray (available from all major car care products manufacturers) and a microfiber towel.

Can I get an engraved hood latch with a Mustang GT logo?

Unfortunately, we are only licensed by General Motors to reproduce their most popular logos. If you want “Mustang GT” engraved we can only do it in block letters, or following a design that you have done.

Are there any other Undercover Innovations devices to aid cooling?

Yes, cool air can also escape below the radiator. This prompted us to develop a lower closeout that expands upon the device GM employs on air conditioned big block cars. Ours goes from the backside of the spoiler (or valance) back to the core support. It also keeps your engine compartment cleaner. It’s available for 1st and 5th generation Camaros.

What are the cooling benefits of the hood latch “show panels?”

The design was originally developed to overcome heating problems. Basically, the panels prevent air from escaping the grille inlet and exiting over the radiator. By forcing the air through the radiator extra cooling is achieved. With really potent engines, a difference of some 20° is realistic.