Custom Engraved Valve Covers

Small Block Chevy Valve Covers
Set polished with custom engraving- start at $175

Big Block Chevy Valve Covers

Fasteners included with BBC sets.

Set Polished with custom engraving- start at $225


Call For Price


Valve covers are cast aluminum and polished. They do come with oil deflectors.

I can engrave just about anything you want, (except licensed logos) just keep in mind how much room there is on the flat part of the valve cover.

You can call with your idea, but it’s best to e-mail me to start the design process.

A deposit is required before we start. It will be applied towards the purchase.

Keep in mind that if artwork is done by us it will need to be paid for in advance.

Acceptable formats for artwork are vectors such as .dxf, .eps, .ai etc.